SuperMeurers is small CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) game that some classmates and I initially made back in 2016 as a pronunciation teaching tool. It's based on Pacman in that you are represented by a little head with an opening and closing mouth. The twist? The goal is to eat IPA characters corresponding to the target word you're presented with. Scoring is based on Levenshtein distance between the answer and your input, so don't worry: you can get partial points if you make a mistake. When you're done with a level, press [Space] to continue and you'll see a few popups describing the sounds of the word you just hit.

Thanks to renewed interest, as of v.1.2 (1/19/2018) the memory leak from the audio has been fixed! Now you can play SuperMeurers to your heart's content.

Download (7z, tar) it and run. Feel free to mess with the resources.

Developed with:

Alon Borenshtein,
Sarah Schneider,
May Mayeg,
Jamel Thun,
and Daniel Nagel